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Recreation & Custom Logos


  • UV Stable & Colorfast

  • Excellent Abrasion Resistence

  • 3-Dimensional Easy to Read

  • Unlimited Color Pallette 

  • Matte Finish

  • Excellent Temperature Stability

  • Multiple Forms of Attachment

  • Resistant to Mold, Mildew and Stains


For two decades Etiflex has been a leading supplier of labels for outdoor, sports, and recreation. Our labels are used on  Diving Gear, Boats and Marine Canvas, Hockey Equipment, Skates and Roller Blades, Athletic Shoes, Boots, Outerwear, Motorsports, Golf, Backpacks, Luggage , Sportsbags and just about any outdoor application that you can think of. The reason that our labels excel in these applications is the exceptional durability of our proprietary material.

We can offer a custom blend of our formula to enhance properties like cold crack, UV Stability, and abrasion that is tailored to your application. We also offer many forms of attachment from sewing to adhesives, heat sealing  and RF welding so that the labels can be attached during manufacture or added to an existing product to allow for private labeling. If product ID, traceability, or having your logo on an item is an important part of your marketing strategy - make sure you use a label that stands out and is durable enough to outlast your products. Our newly patented data matrix system and the ability to laser engrave all of our tags gives you the option of permanently adding the serial number, part number or dates to any of your products.

Custom Logo and Promotional

Etiflex has its own color matching department in house so we can closely match most colors for logos.

Our three dimensional process really brings out the design and increases readability from all angles and

makes your logo stand out. We make up to 4 colors and may require some modifications to your design

to accommodate our process. The same artwork can be used to make keychains and peel and stick

labels with your logo. Our staff can help you coordinate all of these options. Because we offer so many

forms of attachment from sewing to adhesives, heat sealing and RF welding our logos can be attached to an existing product to allow for private labeling the same products with several different names.

Because the logo can be added at your facility after the product is already finished, and application only

takes a minute or less, and doesn't have to be sent out to a screen printer or embroiderer, it provides a big advantage for promotional products that are often imported with no logo.

hockey equipment labels
OEM boat label
kayak label
golf bag label
wetsuit label
OEM marine canvas label
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