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Etiflex corp specializes in offering custom tailored tags for marking your products with everything from identification like serial numbers and dates to Warnings and ratings.  We also have patented systems for recording  and displaying  many types of data right on the product or item so that all users can have access to the latest information.  All of our products are designed to withstand hazardous and outdoor conditions.


Inspection & Data Tags

Etiflex Corp received a patent for the Etiflex® Data Matrix Tagging System which allows the user to install a tag with a permanent record of the

data on any item.

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Wrap 'N' Tap

The Wrap ‘N’ Tap® Marking System is a revolutionary way of permanently labeling items of all shapes and sizes that are used in outdoor and hazardous environments.


Safety, Warning & GHS

Etiflex Labels have made a real impact in the safety industry with labels specifically designed for fall safety protection, accident prevention, and caution & warning labels.


Emergency, Fire & Rescue

Etiflex labels are be relied upon around the world to help people to safety during emergencies and to help rescue crews to do their jobs.


Lifting & Rigging

With two patents and a full line of tags for every type of sling and high performance synthetic rope, as well as membership in AWRF and millions of tags in the field, Etiflex has become the leader in Tagging in this industry.

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Fall Protection

Etiflex® brand labels are used on all types of Fall Safety Equipment from Lanyards and Harnesses to Tower Climbing Ropes and Rescue Kits as well as labels for fixed installations.

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Product ID

Etiflex® labels can be used for ID plates and serial numbers for all sorts of manufactured goods placed in harsh and outdoor environments.


Recreation & Custom Logo

For over two decades Etiflex® brand labels have been the gold standard for molded three-dimensional logos with millions of logos used

domestically and internationally.

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