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Etiflex Corp is a US based Corporation that owns the trademark and all rights to manufacturing of their Etiflex® Brand labels. Etiflex® has been manufacturing and selling molded labels throughout the world for over twenty years. The proprietary formula for their labels was developed by the owner, a chemist,  and all of the material is still made from scratch at the plant . This allows Etiflex® to custom blend an advanced proprietary formula of resins and additives that can be tailored to meet the demands of a specific environment -  an advantage that no other label company can offer.

    Just like our products, Etiflex Corp has outlasted the competition!

  As a customer you will work directly with Etiflex personnel that are knowledgeable and will draw upon their years of experience serving many industries. They will help you design a label, and the best way to attach that label to your product. This knowledge can be invaluable during the design phase of a product so that the logo, warning, RFID tracking and even the serial number all become integrated into the design. Etiflex  is always looking for ways that new technology can be combined with its time proven core product to provide exactly what the customer needs. Etiflex now holds two patents for their unique design and the construction that makes them so durable. So don't get left behind - Etiflex can provide you with the most durable and easiest to read labels available.

Etiflex corp specializes in offering custom tailored tags for marking your products with everything from identification like serial numbers and dates,  to Warnings and ratings.  We also have patented systems for recording and displaying  many types of data right on the product or item so that all users can have access to the latest information.  All of our products are designed to withstand hazardous and outdoor conditions.

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