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Emergency, Fire & Rescue


Etiflex® labels are relied upon around the world to help people to safety during emergencies and to help

rescue crews to do their jobs.  From airliners to fishing vessels and yachts, and from Fire Departments to

Coast Guard Rescue Helicopters, the professionals rely on Etiflex® labels to help them get the job done. 

Etiflex's unique three dimensional design, matte finish, and exceptional durability make them the go to

choice for these applications. During an emergency or rescue the raised letters are not affected by a film

of water and remain glare free and easy to read. This is especially true when combined with our custom

matte finish during night time emergencies - when bright lights are used. Our labels provide clear text

and graphics to mark instructions for rescue and safety equipment like life rafts, inflatable slides,  and

equipment, with things like , pull tab indicators, arrows, and signs directing people to safety.   With our

many ways of attaching the labels from lanyards to pressure sensitive adhesives,  the label can be put

exactly where it is needed. In addition, the ability to add RFID technology for tracking and record

keeping and to permanently mark Etiflex labels with inspection dates and serial numbers and in service

dates is a key component assuring that the equipment is serviceable and ready to operate. View our

page on our Patented Data Matrix Tags to see how they apply to this industry as well.

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