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Fall Safety

Fall Safety

Etiflex® brand labels are used on all types of Fall Safety Equipment from Lanyards and Harnesses to

Tower Climbing Ropes and Rescue Kits as well as labels for fixed installations. The durability and

resistance to abrasion and outdoor conditions make them the go to label for Fall Safety applications.

They are flexible and with their three dimensional construction and contrasting colors they are easy to

read. Since regulations require the manufacturers ID, proof of periodic inspections and maintenance,

the Etiflex® patented inspection labels can be incorporated into the manufacturers ID tag and even

include a logo making it attractive and functional. With our many ways of attaching the labels:  from

lanyards to pressure sensitive adhesives,  the label can be put exactly where it is needed. The ability to

add RFID technology for tracking and record keeping and to permanently mark Etiflex® labels with

inspection dates and serial numbers and in service dates is a key component assuring that the

equipment is serviceable and ready to operate.

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