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Etiflex Patented Inspection & Data Tags

Annual Inspection Tag
Monthly Inspection Tag
  • Outdoor & Vehicle Fire Extinguishers

  • Ladders & Fall Safety Equipment

  • Lifting Slings & Hoists

  • Overhead Cranes

  • Marine & Tow Ropes

  • HazMat and Rescue Gear

  • Machinery & Industrial Equipment

  • Manufacturing Plants


Etiflex offers standard inspection tag kits that can be used in most industries for safety in the workplace. Etiflex tags use a patented data matrix layout with a punch system for permanent readability. Our 3-dimensional molded design uses our  proprietary formula that results in superior durability in hazardous and outdoor conditions. Our tags offer excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, petroleum solvents, Uv, and most common work place exposures. We offer two versions of the tag. Our standard version is most commonly used for tags that are placed on stationary items like fire extinguishers, ladders, etc. Our heavy duty tags are recommended for use on tools and items that get moved a lot like lifting slings or construction materials. The difference between heavy duty and standard is embedded reinforcing fibers that increases the tear strength.

We offer 3 standard designs of inspection tags. The annual, periodic, or monthly - and all are multi-year tags. Included in each kit is 100 tags, heavy duty punch and a leather holster for punch. The kits come in a reusable cardboard container that allows for easy storage.

We also offer custom designed tags made for specific applications . Custom tags can also feature your company name, serial # , size, in-service date etc and these tags can be color coded.

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