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Lifting & Rigging



With the Etiflex label's & exceptional durability, and two patents applying to this industry, it is no surprise

that that riggers, construction companies, crane operators, factories and oil drilling companies are all

demanding Etiflex® Brand labels on all of their slings. With millions of Etiflex sling tags already in the

field the verdict is clear! Etiflex's superior durability and abrasion resistance are the key components

in ensuring the labels can always be read as required by OSHA. The old design of printed labels just

doesn’t hold up in the highly abrasive and rugged construction and industrial environments. In an

industry that has such a high exposure to liability, Etiflex has more to offer in the form of protection

than any other Tag. With Patented RFID embedded technology available we can supply a label that does

both a visual and an electronic verification. We offer the longest lasting label, the easiest to read label in

all conditions, and can include color coding at no charge.  Our newest Patented Data Matrix Tags allows

the sling maker or the end user to permanently mark the tag with information such as in-service date,

inspection dates, or a cert or serial number after the sling is already built. This means the inspection

record can be right on the sling allowing all of the users to verify it. In addition all of our wire rope and

synthetic labels can be laser engraved with custom information like length serial number, material,

owners name etc. Unlike metal tags our labels can be read by remote cameras at night or underwater

for inspection and monitoring. No other company offers a complete line of tags designed specifically for

each category - from web sling, round sling and wire rope to chain sling and high performance synthetic

rope. Etiflex® tags , offer the solutions that the lifting products industry needs.

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