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Military & Law

Law Enforcement and military

The durability and readability is what makes the Etiflex® label the best choice for S.W.A.T. teams and

others when identifying themselves. With only tenths of a second to decide who is on your side it is

important to be able to read the word POLICE etc. in any light and from any angle.  Etiflex's unique

three dimensional design, matte finish, and exceptional durability make them the go to choice for these

applications. During an operation the raised letters are not affected by a film of water and remain glare

free and easy to read. This especially true when combined with our custom matte finish during night

time emergencies - when bright lights are used.  The three-dimensional properties also enhance the

performance when using night vision equipment. We offer standard size POLICE labels as a stock item.

These S.W.A.T. labels come with hook fastening material already laminated to the back side and can be

made in any size. One of the biggest advantages is that our labels don't stain or rub off and can be

cleaned and reused after a particularly dirty operation. Our labels are also used in military gear for

rescue operations and for special forces equipment.

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