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Product ID



Etiflex® labels can be used for ID plates and serial numbers for all sorts of manufactured goods placed in harsh and outdoor environments. The ability to combine your logo, warning, instructions and specific

data all in one multi-color label that can be color coordinated to your product is another Etiflex

advantage! Your ID plate doesn't have to be an eyesore. All of our designs can be Laser engraved to fill in blank fields with data. This is a unique quality when used on a flexible label that can be sewn on. It is

used in bullet proof vests, diving suits and gear, inflatable products, boats, lifting slings, and applications

where permanent specific data needs to be put on a flexible label. In addition you can add our RFID

embedded technology and the label can offer both a visual and electronic verification of the data. Since

our product can be sewn or heat sealed, applied with pressure sensitive adhesive or conventional

fasteners, and even a lanyard, you can permanently mark just about any product with specific

information. Also view our page on our Patented Data Matrix Tags to see how they can work for you.

Hand Held Printer Label
Product Brand Label
Automotive seat & Accessory Label
Boot Label
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