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Etiflex patented Annual Inspection tags are used to record annual inspections that are done on the same month every year. The Standard Tags will work for most items that are stationary or mounted like a fire extinguisher on a vehicle.  The heavy duty tags are for items that get moved around and used in the field like lifting slings and gear. The heavy duty Tags are made with the same material and specifications as the standard tags and then include embedded fibers that give it increased tear resistance.


The Kits include 100 tags and a Heavy Duty Punch and leather holster. If you need more tags there are also refills available in bags of 100 tags.  

Annual Inspection Tag Kits & Refills

  • You may return any product for failures due to a manufacturing defect.

  • Put in your zip code during checkout and we will provide the amount that will be charged for shipping. All items will be shipped either by USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

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