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Wrap 'N' Tap Marking System

  • RFID Available on All Models

  • Caution and Warning Tagging

  • Adjustable: Fits Any Size Item

  • Patent Pending Adjustable Marking System

  • Great for Marking Hoses, Ropes, Pipes, Etc.

  • Easy to Use: No Tools or Fasteners Needed

  • Uses Etiflex Patented Inspection Tag System

  • Fall Safety Gear and Maintenance Inspection

  • Excellent in Outdoor & Hazardous Environments

The Wrap ‘N’ Tap® Marking System is a revolutionary way of permanently labeling items of all shapes and sizes that are used in outdoor and hazardous environments. It requires no tools for installation you simply Wrap it around the item to be marked and tap it into place. Etiflex labels are designed to withstand the worst that Mother Nature can deliver as well as being resistant to Uv and abrasion. Because the text is molded in and not printed normal cleaning solvents and petrochemicals like gas and diesel fuel , will not take the copy off  and the raised molded text and borders protect anything written into blank fields  from being worn off by abrasion. Because of their flexible nature and the ability to cut the mating loop material to any length these labels are great for applying to ropes, hoses and pipes of all sizes to mark them with everything from serial numbers to capacities, warnings or Inspection data. 

They can be made with custom text and data field or you can choose  one of our standard designed for serial number, inspections .  We have a new Wrap ‘N’ Tap®  Generic Blank tag that has a  3.5” x 1” blank field that you can write in with a permanent marker. These are available in multiples of 100 right here in our online store.  Watch our video below on details about the new Pat Pending Wrap ‘N’ Tap® tags and how they are used!

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Wrap ' N' Tap Brochure

View, Print or Download

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