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Safety, Warning & GHS

  • GHS Secondary Container Tags

  • Fall Safety Gear & Anchor Tags

  • Overhead Crane Warning Tags

  • Survival Gear Tags

  • Oil & Gas & Pipeline Tagging

  • Inspection Record Labels

  • Life Raft Instructions

  • Sling & Rope Warning Tags

  • Workboat & Marine

  • Aviation Tagging

As safety and liability have become increasingly important to companies they have turned to Etiflex for durable informative tagging. Etiflex labels permanently mark items and equipment with clear text and diagrams for caution, warning and directions. Because of durability  and superior readability during all weather conditions, Etiflex® labels have made a real impact in the safety industry for fall safety protection, accident prevention, caution, and warning labels. Many of these labels can also be combined with inspection data records like the overhead Crane warning tag. Our labels have all of the text and diagrams molded in not printed. Because our tags designed for outdoor use and hazardous environments they are resistant to cleaning solvents, petrochemicals, Uv and abrasion - so you don’t have to worry about the text or diagrams wearing off.


All of our tags can also incorporate our patented data matrix recording system and our patented RFID technology for tracking.  Using our patented Data Matrix System to permanently mark inspection dates, serial numbers, in service dates and other information is a key component in record keeping, verification and accident prevention. You can also view our page on our patented Inspection Tags for more examples.

Etiflex Patented GHS Secondary Container Tags are designed for use where normal adhesive labels won’t work. Our tags were designed for use with plastic spray bottles and dispensers of lubricants and solvents   that a label won’t stick on and the inks get erased by solvents. We use an easy no tool mechanical attachment.  See our video below for details.


GHS Tags Brochure

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