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Etiflex® is a registered trademark for the exclusive brand of labels from Etiflex Corp. Etiflex holds patents for its Data and RFID tags and is a leading supplier of durable molded labels and tags being used by manufacturers for a broad range of products. For over 25 years Etiflex® has been supplying a variety of industries with Industrial Labels, Inspection Tags, ID Plates, Caution and Warning Labels, and state of the art logos - all in a 3-dimensional format with contrasting colors. Etiflex® brand labels are used in some of the toughest environments and by some of the most demanding customers in the world.

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Etiflex just applied for another patent for the all new Wrap ‘N’ TapTM  Marking System. The system uses the durable Etiflex® label combined with our new adjustable fastening system. The Wrap ‘N’ TapTM system  is easy to use – simply wrap it around the item and tap the end to engage. See our literature page for more details.

Etiflex was featured in SlingMakers magazine. Click below to view article.



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